For many under the age of fourteen or so, Halloween marks the “official” beginning of the annual holiday season in America.

Most adults, on the other hand, tend to think more along the lines of post-Halloween being the time to get ready for the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. And, while there are a few other holidays often thrown in there, as well, the traditional Big Three still get the bulk of attention in America.

And, although the holidays are intended to be a time of celebrations, feasting, festivities, and gift-giving, it is that last item that often makes it an ordeal of sorts for many.

Hacking the Holiday Season: Tradition and TechnologyFundemonium Gift Registry for Holiday Toy Lists

Another tradition in America during the holiday season is the making of toy lists.

There are many older parents and grandparents that still remember getting the beloved Sears Christmas Catalog that would show up in the mail each year. Hours upon hours were spent perusing the dazzling array of new toys and games offered up each year. And a great many toy lists were derived from those Wish Book catalogs.

Sadly, in 1993, Sears discontinued publishing their big-book catalogs in the United States and the Wish Book noticeably started to diminish in size, before disappearing altogether.

However, the tradition of toy lists not only survived but has passed into a new era of hi-tech!

With gift registries sprouting up in most every type of store and online shopping site, there are likely more ways to create and expand toy and gift lists than ever before. And the burden on parents and others of keeping track of lists has grown along with them.

While technology has also evolved to help us keep track of lists. Using technology such as Amazon’s Alexa and other voice assistants and virtual assistants, shopping for your friends and loved ones can be reduced to just a technical exercise!

In fact, for all those great toy, game, and hobby gifts for friends, children, grandchildren, and others, a super-cool and more personal way to keep them organized is to utilize Fundemonium’s own gift registry.

A Fundemonium Gift Registry? Can It Get Any Better?!

Planning for gifts for the kiddos for this Christmas? The good news is that Fundemonium can make your gift shopping personal, easy and fun!

Simply come in with your kids (or for yourself) to explore our store and place your perfect presents in a basket. Rather than guessing if what you see online is accurate, or wandering a discount store, our Fundemonium assistants will advise, demonstrate, and recommend great choices for you to consider. When you’re done, one of our Fundemonium assistants will enter the gifts on your gift registry for your guests to shop.

Our Fundemonium Gift Registry makes gift shopping fun and easy for everyone involved. Plus,

  • You or your child get the perfect presents.
  • Your friends get free gift wrapping.
  • Your friends avoid duplicate gifts.
  • You get easy returns. (But they are rarely needed.)

In addition, when your friends make use of the registry, they can join our Fun Club and receive a five percent Fun Club Reward for all the fun items they purchase.

Another Holiday Tradition, A Letter to Santa

Once the kiddos make that all important Wish List and convert it to a Gift Registry at Fundemonium, don’t forget to send a letter to Santa.

Fundemonium can help with that too! Fundemonium has a special Santa mail box with direct delivery to Santa’s office at the North Pole. You can read our tips for writing a great Letter to Santa then bring it to Fundemonium by December 11th and we will get it to Santa for a reply.

Tips for Happy Holiday ShoppingHappy grandparents with presents for Holiday shopping

While the holidays are intended to be a time of joy and happiness, sometimes shopping during the holiday season is anything but joyous and happy.

In recent years, the trend is to look to the Internet and online shopping sites for gifts and other needs. And, while this promises to be more convenient, there is still something that is much more gratifying, fulfilling, and even fun about getting out and seeing the decorations, feeling the winter air, and hearing the sounds of people out holiday shopping.

And, perhaps the most important tip of all for happy shopping is to shop from the heart: the most cherished gifts often do not come from a digital list, but from the heart of the giver.

Kick Off the Holiday Season with Fundemonium

If there is one thing that all the holidays should have in common, it’s having FUN! And for the best source for great toys, games, crafts, hobby items, and events, make the best toy store in Rohnert Park one of your first destinations – Fundemonium!

You’ll discover dozens of intriguing and engaging indoor and outdoor toys for the holidays here at Fundemonium. And for all those other great gift items, we have just what you need to put huge smiles on the on the faces of kiddos and the other, more “grown up”, kids in your life.

Fundemonium is more than a store – it’s a fun family experience where families and friends can meet and experience a wide variety of great toys, crafts, games, and indoor events. And Fundemonium is also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can always enjoy creative fun.

That’s because, along with our great selection of creative and fun toys, we also have tons of games, kits, and hobby products for kids of all ages.

And you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable assistants make it their business to help you have fun.

We always do our best to quickly respond to website inquiries about card games (and more!), or you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701.

Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.

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