Christmas has once again come and gone, and the decorations are starting to come down if they haven’t all been put away already. The new year is getting going, and the winter weather is encouraging a great deal of indoor time.

But it’s also quite likely that, for some kids, Santa’s delivery at Christmastime experienced a few “gaps.” And, while they’re certainly happy with all that they did receive, there may be a lingering regret of a “missing” gift.

No need to despair this post-Christmas season: Sonoma County’s number one toy store and hobby store, Fundemonium, is the place to go to help “fill the gaps” in Santa’s Christmas gift delivery. We can also help you figure out the best toys and accessories to use any of the Fundemonium gift cards you may have gotten for Christmas on!


Need More Gifts? No Need to Search for ‘Game and Hobby Stores Near Me’iron quad micro drones

At Fundemonium, we understand that many parents must grapple with certain “budget restraints” around the Christmas holiday season. And, as a result, a few higher-end toys may not have made it into Santa’s bag and under the tree. Fortunately for many of those parents, the new year and a new month can often mean the ability to add that cherished gift or two that was conspicuously missing at Christmas.

Oftentimes, these somewhat pricier toys include remote controlled cars and trucks.

When it comes to RC cars, trucks, planes, drones, and even RC boats, the price can sometimes be a real consideration. However, there are dozens upon dozens of affordable RC toys, and the selection at Fundemonium is sure to fit both your budget and your “gift”

There are scores of radio controlled cars and trucks that can be had for about $100 as well as boats and drones. The fun can continue well after Christmas indoors and out with one of our broad selections of RC toys.


Fidget Toys, Gel Blasters, and More – Fun Times to Be Had by All!RX-78-2 GUNDAM ver ANIME Mobile Suit Gundam

Some favorites that may have been missed by Santa include the hyper-popular range of fidget toys and more “interactive” ones such as Gel Blasters.

Fidget toys run the gamut of squishy “stress balls” to spinners to pop it toys to hinged cubes. Add to that the fact that fidget toys are immensely popular with kids of all ages – including those over 40 – and you have a great gap filler for some of those missed gifts at Christmas.

While you may discourage the kiddos from playing with them in the house, Gel Blasters are highly sought-after and requested gifts.

As one source explains, the gel beads are composed of water in over 98 percent of mass and volume and break upon impact. Then they simply dehydrate into tiny biodegradable dust afterward. And don’t forget that, in addition to a set of SURGE Gellet Shooters and a Gel Blaster Auto Resetting Target so your little ones can experience the most fun from these intriguingly addictive toys.

Some kids lean more toward quiet activities and hobbies that involve building and creating. And they, too, may have had their hopes that St. Nicholas would bring them their favorite model kit.

There is something especially engaging and gratifying about building and playing with scale models. Model kits include cars, planes, boats, tanks, ships, trucks, motorcycles, “invisible” see-through engines, Gundam mobile fighting suits, and so on, and you have a universe of building and imagining.

From classic plastic car model kits to geared wooden models to snap-together scaled-down version of the famous MILLENNIUM FALCON™ from Star Wars™, the possibilities for modeling fun are endless!

Fundemonium is Your Year-Round Toy Store, Hobby Store, and So Much More!Traxxas-TRX4m

Every holiday season, kids across the country often lament that one toy or game or other special gifts that Santa somehow overlooked or failed to deliver. The good news is that, for kids in Sonoma County, the best place to fill the Christmas gift gap with great toys, games, crafts, hobby items, and other items is Rohnert Park at Fundemonium!

And the best part is that we’re fully stocked throughout the year, not just for the holidays.

We are fond of saying here at Fundemonium that we are much more than “just a toy store.”  We are a fun family experience where parents, kids, and friends can meet and experience a wide variety of great toys, crafts, games, and indoor events at any time of year. In addition, Fundemonium is a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can always enjoy creative fun.

That’s because, along with great Christmas gift choices, we always offer a great selection of creative and fun toys, as well as games, kits, and hobby products for kids of all ages. So, whether it’s a “post-Christmas” event, a birthday party, or simply looking for something fun to play with or build, Fundemonium is you’re All-Year-Long fun shopping destination.

We always do our best to respond quickly to website inquiries about our toys, games, and other fun products. And you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701.

Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.


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